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to make the world

a BETTER place."

"Misfits Market"

Misfits Market is a provider of subscription box service used to reduce the waste of food. The box contains fresh and organic fruits and veggies which the farms and stores can't sell which provides customers with healthy food at a reduced cost. It delivers fresh organic produce, sustainably sourced pantry staples, and other grocery items straight to its customers' door at up to 40 percent off grocery store prices.

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HempWorx is the #1 selling CBD brand for a reason. We approach CBD with care, consciousness, and cutting-edge science every step of the way, leaving no room for error - or unnecessary ingredients. 

Find Your Moment of Balance With Natural Hemp

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"PROMIX Protein"

  • 4.7g of glycine, 20g of protein

  • From grass-fed Brazilian cows

  • Hydrolyzed type I & III bioactive peptides

  • Glycine aids gut health and CNS

The world's cleanest supplements


Madagascar Vanilla


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